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In this post, we will explain to you how to log into Tp Link wifi router easily with the help of the default web address Logging into the Tp Link wifi router is very easy and it will take no time to get inside the device even for a new user.

  • To begin with, Tp-link wifi, unpack the router box. It would have a router, adapter, Ethernet cord.
  • Make a connection between the Tp-link wifi router and your existing modem with the Ethernet cord.
  • Plugin the adapter to the TP-Link router and the wall power outlet.
  • Once you see the power light came on solid white, it means the router is ready to connect.
  • In case the power light is Amber solid or blinking, try to do the reset by pressing the reset button at the back of the router for 30 seconds. Still, if the color of the power light is still amber, it means the router is bad, you need to return it back.
  • Now, once you have a solid white light on the router, connect your computer to the routers wirelessly by clicking on the wifi symbol on the bottom left corner of the screen. Select the new name that appears in the list for the new router and connect to the network the password would be at the back of the router on the label.
  • In case you do not have a wireless compatible computer, all you need is an extra Ethernet cable, connect the router and the computer.
  • Pull up a browser and at the top on the address bar type in or and hit Enter on the keyboard.
  • You can also enter the default web address
  • A login screen will come up with the default username: admin and the password: admin all lower case.
tp-link Router Login

Tp Link wifi router configuration

  • As you log into the wifi router, proceed with the instructions given below.
  • Select the Time zone that you in and hit Next
  • To connect to the type of IP you are getting, click on the auto-detect. Usually its Dynamic IP click on Next
  • Choose a Network name and the password for your wifi that you want to keep and hit Next
  • Choose a username and the password for your router login settings.
  • Once it tells you the router setup is complete, click on Test Internet connection once it says your congratulation internet access click on Finish.
  • Reboot the modem and the router and wait for 5 minutes
  • Now connect your devices to the new wifi and internet should be working.

Tp Link Router Firmware Update

Before we start with Tp Link router firmware update process, you need to know what is firmware. A firmware is a program which has a set of coded instructions. This program specifies the functionality of your wireless router. In order to keep your device safe from network breaches and bugs, you need to upgrade the firmware of your device regularly. For Tp Link router firmware update, follow the instructions mentioned below;
1. First of all, log into the Tp Link router and then navigate to the Administrator settings of your device.
2. After you reach Admin settings page on your browser, you will see Tp Link router firmware update tab. Click the tab and then you will be redirected to the Tp Link router firmware update window. 
3. Click Update and your device will search for latest firmware versions available on Tp Link server. If it finds a latest firmware version, it will download it automatically and make changes take place.
4. Once the firmware is upgraded, the device will attempt to reboot. Let the device reboot and then reconnect to it.
5. Now your wireless network will be more safe and secure.

Tp Link router Reset 

In this section, we will discuss how to reset Tp Link router in simple and easy steps if you are not able to log into tp link router. For Tp Link router reset process, follow the instructions given below;

1. First of all, you will need a paperclip in order to press the button. The reset button is usually inside the frame of your router.
2. Press the reset button using paperclip and hold it for a few seconds. Once all the LEDs on your device light up, it means you device is attempting to get back to factory default settings.
3. Release the reset button and wait while your device gets back to factory default settings.
4. Once your router reboots, you will need to reconfigure the device.
5. If you can’t reset your device this way, there is another way to reset your device through
6. Enter the default web address tplink into the address bar and log into the device.
7. Navigate to the Diagnosis section and click Reset.
8. Your device will attempt to go back to factory default settings.

So this post was all about Tp Link firmware update and TP link router reset process. We hope this article helped you learn about these processes. If you see any issue on your device, don’t wait for it to get more serious, contact us right away. You can even chat with us through our Live Chat window.